sergi "ombrebueno"sanchez - 11.12.2006
ready! goooooooooooooooooooooooooo!!!!!!
me - 12.12.2006
yea abandoned buildings and factories!!!
[email protected] - 12.12.2006
Hola muchachos! my name is Estefania, I'm from Buenos Aires. I've been following your trip since it began, and hoping how'd you like it here down south! well you should know it is soooo hot, so bring all t-shirts and shorts!
[email protected] - 12.12.2006
I study design and know a few friends that enjoy painting and expressing as you guys do. Si if you're interested you can e-mail me, i'll be more than honoured to contact you with them. Hope you enjoy your stay!
babbone - 12.12.2006
se poi ti ammali ?????
simona - 12.12.2006
W l'argentina!! qui bene, i giornali parlano di te per la biblio!! ancora grazie!!!
JEK&DAVID - 12.12.2006
ciao guajo' ansi guajoni vi salutiamo e vi ricordiamo che a Buenosaires c'e' un potente gruppo creativo che si chiama DOMA provate a cercare il loro sito (david vi manda presto un contatto diretto ) eppoi tante tante cose voi!

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