scIemo - 31.10.2006
ma quanto cazzo vi state divertendo?
joele - 31.10.2006
si', giusto "sometimes" :P
MF - 31.10.2006
Mi portate a casa un sombrero? ;)
michele - 31.10.2006
u look like the 'babbazzi's', did you watch the movie? :) divertitevi... vi guarder� anche da sydney. yo.
Sinboy - 31.10.2006
Cerbe! You smug fucker! So glad to see you guys are there, can't wait to see what Blu, you and the others come up with. I heard in Tijuana you can see live shows with women and horses. I'm sure you could get inspiration from there. I know I would. Love!
Evan Altes - 31.10.2006
You guys coming to the north part of Mexico any time?
normanbambi - 01.11.2006
looks like great fun !! many good things to you guys !
cerber - 01.11.2006
ahah hey sinboy, i always knew you were into horses.. how's romania?! send me some pics of your new pieces, we'll send you the horses ones..
cerber - 01.11.2006
no sorry evan, we're heading south!

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