08.02.07 - rock and roll again
hello world! we missed you and i hope you missed us as well, but now everything's fine again because we're back! The ol' good Stone Roses are playin on the radio, it's an incredibly beautiful day for a typical north-italian winter and we just found an apartment in Bologna (more on this soon) for me to go and edit the film, so i can work closely with Blu and lock him to his table to draw all the animation work he has to do.
Over here you can enjoy a first small clip of our friend Andrew introducing you all to our new video-blog section and learning a few english along the way!
Speaking of blogging, people have been doing this all the time, and since we're also a bunch of tech nerds we are doing it as well. But we would really like to give props to Erin and Susan, the sweet couple who created the movie Four Eyed Monsters, for having definitely inspired us to use a photo and video blog to promote our fim and to let people know more about us and our production process. Go check their film website and watch their movie, it's great.