26.02.07 - blu e ericailcane
It was about time that we introduced you to ERICAILCANE, the artist with whom Blu has painted the most in the last few years. Go immediately to check out what he does. Some of you probably already know him, but for who doesn't, you should know that Ericailcane's work is nothing short than extraordinary, and even though it's very different from what Blu does, when painting together they manage to seamlessly blend their worlds into giant amazing murals.
They are being invited to do shows in quite a few places recently, and one of them happened last week in Tuscany. Their idea was to show some drawings and a video of them painting illegal walls at night. So, inbetween spending all days in this beautiful house in the middle of tuscany's hills, we went out a few nights and collected some interesting material. What you see here is a shorter edit of one of the videos we exhibited at the gallery.
For the final result, go here to see the pieces they did while there.