The idea of the project was born when Lorenzo Fonda realized that he was such a big fan of Blus art that he felt everyone should know about it. Being Lorenzo a film director, it was natural that the medium of choice to portray the artist work would have been the documentary form. While discussing on how to approach the whole thing, they found themselves coming back more and more on the idea of how much being exposed to new and different things incredibly stimulates ones own artistic vision. So, after managing to convince crazy italian production company Mercurio that this was an even crazier but worthwhile project, they decided to hop on a plane and travel on the other side of the world, with the precise intent to explore how such different cultures and lifestyles would influence and inspire Blus art. Will it develop? Will it change? Will he like so much that one Mexican pattern that he will start be obsessed by it and paint it everywhere? Isnt this the primal urge that moves people to walk outside their own little territory, to just be washed by totally different stimuli? And, therefore, and most important of all, to come back home with a renewed take on things. Infact, for how banal may it be, even in these dark times of cynism and uncertainty, it is still true that the trick is not to find new things to look at but to look at old things in new ways. And if, though small, a trip can help this process, lets go. And we swear, like most of Blu and Lorenzos approach to art, its not a planned trip. They crossed Mexico, Nicaragua, Guatemala, Costa Rica and Argentina with just the aid of some guides and a few contacts with friends and local artists here and there. What came out was un unscripted film about improvisation, inspiration (and perspiration), innovation, self-exploration and all the other good things in life that end with -ion.